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Set up on July 31, 2007, Hunan Yacheng New Materials Co., Ltd is located in Yacheng industrial area, Xinkang road, Economic and Technological Development Zone, Ningxiang County, Hunan Province. Our company, with a registered capital of 76,679,495 yuan, occupies an area of 110 mu. Our main business is research and development, production and sales of lithium battery cathode material. Company was rated as high-tech enterprises in August 2014.

The current main products of our company are 15-20 micron tricobalt tetroxide, cobalt hydroxide, and iron phosphate. Our products are unanimously approved by domestic and foreign customers. In 2014, our sales revenue was 275.17 million yuan and the export $3 million dollars. In 2014, the sales revenue grew to 357 million yuan and the export $33 million dollars. In 2016, the sales revenue reached 379 million yuan and the export $25 million dollars, which makes the profit tax 40 million yuan.

Our company takes the production and research and development of battery materials as the main direction. We improve our materials from cobaltosic oxide, which is cathode material for lithium battery, to ironic phosphate and three precursors. We are aiming at becoming an enterprise with bench-marking status in the national battery industry and being an important supplier of battery materials in the world, occupying more than 15% of the domestic battery material industry in 3-5 years and over 5% of the share in the international market. Cobaltosic oxide is mainly used for producing cathode materials for lithium ion batteries, as well as in color glazes and magnetic materials. Cobalt hydroxide can be mainly used for manufacturing rubber binders, petrochemical catalysts and lithium battery cathode materials. Ferric phosphate can be mainly used in the manufacture of lithium-ion battery cathode material and it can also be used for manufacturing a catalyst and porcelain, etc.

At present, our company has 5 invention patents, 22 utility model patents. In the process of industrialization, we have been deeply aware of the importance of cultivating the core technology with independent intellectual property rights. We have formulated a technological development mentality of "giving priority to independent research, development and complementing by cooperating with others", and continuously increased investment in research and development to achieve the goal of "cultivating generations for production, research and development and reserve". Moreover, our company is planning to build a first-class safety testing center in domestic, which will enhance the development of our company.

Our company deeply holds the belief of “building brands with honesty and repaying society with responsibilities”. What’s more, we regard honesty and responsibility as the foundation of enterprises, start businesses with honesty, credibility and pragmatism, as well as take social responsibilities of enterprises with law-abiding management. We adhere to the business philosophy of “being honesty”, dedicate to the exploration and development of new energy and new materials, and aim to become a world-class battery material supplier.